If you think that to not suffer on heels it is enough to limit their use, you are very wrong, the secret of the models has now become public domain and the revolution is about to begin; fashion magazines talk about it and articles that cry out for a miracle, as usual I find myself the one who destroys other people's dreams, but before explaining my reasons, let's see what this genius method consists of to eliminate heel pain.

I discovered the existence of this fad from a girl who asked me to talk about it after watching one of my videos, I researched it and today I want to discuss it with you.

come eliminare dolore tacchi alti

All you need is a pack of duct tape, easy isn't it? You simply have to tie together the third and fourth toes (starting from the big toe, they are called “trillice” and “pondolo”, but these seven dwarf names don't inspire me) using scotch tape, and it is the game is done: this device promises to reduce the friction of the body weight on the sole of the foot, thus eliminating any trace of pain.

Now I know you would like to know if I have tried this very modern technique which immediately made me think of the lotus feet of Chinese women, but the answer is no: I wanted to do it for the record, then I reactivated my brain and realizing that I'm tired of having to mortify my body or part of it to appear more feminine. If your heels hurt you try to choose shoes of better quality (goodbye Zara!), opt for soft materials and you don't need to tie your toes, just as you don't need to use a cincher every day to look slimmer. Life is so much more than that, and I know you probably don't expect to read these declarations of freedom in a blog fashion, but I've never hidden that I'm a little weird

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