Come abbinare scarpe e borsa

How to match shoes and bag

A choice that is never as easy as one would like: how to combine shoes and bag effectively? Here are the rules to follow and advice to avoid mistakes

Some time ago we looked together at how to choose the color of the shoe thinking about combinations with clothing, accessories and so on. Today we want to narrow our gaze, to look at the rules for combining shoes and bags. How to make the perfect match? This is a question that challenges thousands of women every day who, just before leaving the house, often find themselves having to rethink the entire outfit to make ends meet.

Combining shoes and bags: the general rules

Before understanding how to combine shoes and bag, it is good to learn how to combine the latter with clothes: the handbag may in fact be perfect for that pair of shoes, but if it clashes with the dress it can only be wrong!
When combining bags and clothes, it is always good to look at the final equilibrium, with one element having to balance the other. Hence, for example, a gaudy dress or one with bold patterns must be attenuated by the sobriety of the bag, which must therefore preferably be plain and neutral in color.
Never make the mistake, then, of mix the seasons. A winter bag should never be worn with sandals or flip-flops, just as a straw bucket bag should never be worn with combat boots or decidedly winter boots.
In the case of pieces original, then, it is good to understand what the eye of those who observe the outfit will have to focus on. Those who want to amaze with their own leather bag, for example, will have to fly low in the choice of shoes; those who want to divert everyone's gaze to their new heels, on the other hand, will have to choose a sober bag, not excessively bold, so as not to have to fight the stage lights together with the shoes.

The color and the perfect match between shoes and handbag

Once upon a time, there were very few doubts: to match shoes and handbag perfectly, they had to be en pendant. Therefore, the ideal association was the one with the same colours, the same textures, the same patterns, to make the handbag recall the shoes, and vice versa. And today? Today shoes and bags, in most cases, can easily be different, referring to each other at most for one detail. There are even those who, passing from one extreme to the other, establish that the bag and the shoes should be as dissimilar as possible.

Those who combine the color of shoe and bag too scrupulously, therefore, risk appearing out of fashion. If the era of pairing at any cost has passed, however, it is still good advice to look for an echo, a reference, between the shoes on the ground and the handbag in mid-air. The same pattern, but in a different colour, or the same colour, but in a different tone, with a blue handbag for example and bluish shoes. Watch out: for those who don't want to give up on color combinations (for example black boots with a black bag) the path of different textures is always open!

Coloring shoes and bags

In the daily challenge of combining shoes and bag, and of combining the latter with clothes, to then understand that the outfit has nothing to do with shoes, we often find ourselves having some pieces that never come used. To overcome this problem, the trick is to color the unfortunate shoes or handbag with the desired color, so as to be able to permanently reintegrate them into one's "active" wardrobe

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