Come riporre le scarpe in casa: idee e consigli

How to store shoes at home: ideas and advice

How many shoes do you have at home? And how do you store them to keep them tidy? Here are some ideas and some advice to avoid mistakes and make the most of the space

Arranging shoes in the housea is not easy. When they are not stowed in their place they are in the way, and create mess. When they're piled up in a closet somehow, though, they're hard to spot, and they quickly lose their shape. Today, among technical advice, expert suggestions and creative ideas, we will see how to store your shoes at home so that they are always within easy reach, so as not to waste time when we have to leave the house, and in order to keep them better, without ruining them. Happy reading!

How to store your shoes at home: our advice

  • Vertically: shoes tend to be many, space is almost always limited. The trick is therefore to exploit the verticality of the house. A high shoe rack, an old wooden staircase to be painted on which to place our shoes, step by hail, shelves to have all the shoes in sight – but to dust off: in any case, take advantage of the vertical space of your home, so that you don't always have your shoes left in the middle of your feet!
  • Subdivision by type: those who have a lot of shoes should not only worry about how to store their shoes at home, they should also think about ordering them with a certain criterion, so as to always know where the shoes are that they would like to wear. An area must be reserved for elegant shoes, one for sneakers, an area for sneakers and so on. Those who really have a lot of shoes could even go as far as dividing them by color!
  • Shoe trees… for shoes: What happens to shoes that aren't worn for weeks, or even months? Well, very often – in the case of leather shoes, but not only – they deform. The upper tends to relax, to fall on itself, so as to create folds that are anything but beautiful, and which on the contrary can turn into real cracks. The sole, for its part, can tend to bend, so as to warp the shoes. The solution? It's at hand: the shoe trees allow you to keep all your shoes in shape, especially the elegant and expensive ones that are used occasionally. And that's not all: the wooden shoe treesalso help to suck up the humidity from the shoes, eliminating bad smells!
  • Boot stretchers... for boots: not only shoes are afraid of bending over and not being used. Indeed, these enemies are even more felt by the boots! How to do? Fortunately, there are boot stretchers , and therefore accessories that allow you to keep the boots in shape, both in the foot part and in the more or less long part that must wrap around the calf, and which without special support tends to bend, with all the negative consequences we saw above.
  • Clothes hanger… for flip flops : what about flip flops? Of course, there are no shoe trees for them. However, those who own a few pairs of flip-flops at home (for her, for him, for the children, for the swimming pool and so on) can put them in order and save space by hanging them on coat hangers, or rather, on hangers , to free up shelf space for regular shoes.
  • The original boxes: there is no doubt, for those who have space available, for those who have free shelves for their shoes, the best way to store shoes at home is always to keep the boxes originals of the shoes, inside which to store the shoes that are rarely used from time to time.In this way it will be possible to give a quick cleaning to the shoes once they have been taken off and, after inserting a shoe tree - or in the case of an emergency, some rolled up sheets of newspaper - and to store the shoes in their original box. Thus it will be possible to keep them safe from dust and bends, and it will be easy to find them immediately!
  • Creativity: Do you want to store your shoes in a creative way? There are so many ideas: you can make a shelf out of sections of pipe PVC, you can use baskets for each tenant's shoes, you can recycle old crates in wood of fruit… the choice is yours

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