Le scarpe chic da indossare a casa

The chic shoes to wear at home

Hardly anyone talks about chic shoes to wear at home. We are now so settled in linking the topic of shoes to the most mundane aspect of our lives or to social situations outside the four walls of the house, that it is difficult to think of wearing shoes to sit comfortably in an armchair. And in fact, the first thing that many of us have to do as soon as we get home after a long day out is just take off your shoes and put on comfortable slippers But it is precisely in challenging situations, like the ones we are facing in this 'year, which is easier to open our minds to new views.

Why wear shoes at home

For the same reason we put on make up to stay at home, we wear lipstick under the mask or put on nail polish even if it's ruined by the end of the day. Basically, to like us more. And for pure and simple vanity, the positive one, which is good for the soul and mood. But there is also another reason to do it. If you follow me  you may have seen strange things in the past few days. Don't think badly right away. I'm talking about unusual unfashionable combinations. Such as the pajamas with décolleté. No joke, I actually did it. In my case, I needed to test new shoes that I had bought, but I hadn't found the opportunity to go out. So, as you can see, the reasons for wearing shoes at home can really be the most diverse.

Chic shoes to wear at home

But who said that chic necessarily means high-heeled pumps?!

Remember that the great advantage of spending the whole day indoors is also being able to change whenever you want. So you can dare even with models that you already have in your shoe rack, but you can't fit anymore. Or with those fantastic shoes that you bought in the wake of the moment, but you already knew they would be too crazy for your daily life. Or even with the most fashionable slippers of the moment, but so strange that you would never have the courage

In short, am I perhaps the only one to have made some imprudent purchases over the years?! Have you really never bought "useless" shoes, slippers or slippers just for the sake of observing them and being pleased with them?! Well, if you did too, now is the time to make sense of that shopping spree.

There might even be some unusual pairings that could turn out to be cute and trendy for going out.

From here on, go ahead to whatever you deem most appropriate for the occasion.

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